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    Why should INTERPROBE be your first choice for investigative service?  In a word: Capability.

    - 25 Years Experience, Sources and Technology to put the pieces together

    - Persistence & Focused Energy brings a New Level of Investigation to quickly resolve cases.

    - Fully Licensed & Insured

    - An Investigative Team Capable of Delivering Very Impressive Results

    Easy and free consulation. Call, get involved with the longest operating investigative firm in the DC area.



    Experience enabled by technology...our strategy to bring you the complete picture.

    - Surveillance For Personal, Business & Security Matters

    - Better Video Evidence

    - Short & Long Term Assignments

    Highly Confidential & Tactful

    - Mobile, Stationary, Unmanned &
    Technical Surveillance

    You simply cannot substitute experience when it comes to surveillance.



    We provide accurate background investigations based on hard facts.

    Legal Access to Regulated Private Information Sources

    Direct Links With County, State, and National Records

    - Processed by a Licensed and Experienced Investigator

    - No unreliable Internet backgrounds

    - Superior Information, Faster 

    - Flat-fee Pre-Packaged Reports  

    Background Investigations


    Reliable applicant screening is done by having excellent records sources and background investigators trained to see the not-so-obvious. We start where the unreliable "Internet Checks" stop.

    - Flat-fee Pre-Packaged Reports

    International Access to Records

    Online ordering. Employees can access directly to complete the consent form (yours or ours)

    - Requests Processed by a Licensed and Experienced Investigator

    - No Unreliable "Internet Checks"


    Pre-Employment Screening

    Missing Persons

    Our Global skip-tracing and locate services are available to track debt skips, locate witnesses and to reconnect lost friends.

    - Simple Flat-Fee Service

    - Excellent Success Rate (Now 92%)

    - Individual Attention to Every Case By a Master Skip-Tracer

    - Unique Sources and Methods

    - Start Only With Fragments, Partial SSN, Names, Aliases, Phone Numbers, Emails, Plates, Etc.

    - No False Hits - Guarenteed



    Dedicated Process Servers are available for every type of legal document delivery from simple serves to difficult cases that require a little finesse to successfully complete. 

    - Subpoenas, Complaints, Duces T's

    - Immediate Service

    - Affordable Flat Fee

    - No Extra Charge For Rush

    - Affidavits Returned Quickly

    - Skip-Tracing Available 


    Special Process Service


    We remain the leader in private firms in the DC area that make special efforts to aquire, develop and utilize legal technical investigative equipment.

    - Covert Cameras - FLIR Thermal

    - GPS/Doppler Tracking Systems

    - Countermeasures - Debugging

    - Computer & Cell Data recovery

    - Find & Remove Tracking Devices

    - Unmanned Video "Drop Cars"

    - Video Drones

    Technical Investigations


    INTERPROBE has a reputation for building honest and respectful relationships with clients and industry colleagues.

    - Fully Licensed & Insured

    - Trusted in the Legal Community

    - Recognized By Local Judges

    - Attorney Preferred; Court Experienced

    - Over 12,500 Clients served

    - Our reputation with the hundreds of attorneys is well establsihed. Call for referrals.

    - Strict Confidentiality


    Reputation is Everything