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    Why should INTERPROBE be your first choice for investigative service?  In a word: Capability.

    Over 25 years our unique skills have evolved into an investigative team capable of delivering very impressive results. We have the investigative experience, training, sources and technology to put the pieces together for you.

    We offer you a new level
    of investigation
    and we will dig to get your answer.

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    Surveillance work is our passion

    Our agency has been providing surveillance nearly every day since 1989. We work daily on personal matters, corporate situations, property security, and for unique intelligence gathering  assignments.

    You simply cannot substitute experience when it comes to surveillance.

    We handle short, simple one-person operations to six-member teams, locally and internationally. 

    We are always Discreet.



    We provide accurate background investigations based on hard facts. Our legal access to regulated private information sources and direct links with county, state, and national records results in superior reports for our clients.

    Each background is processed by a licensed and experienced Background Investigator. No unreliable "Internet Checks."

    See our Pre-Packaged Reports for excellent value on the most frequently requested reports.


    Background Investigations

    There are many companies offering pre-employment screening services today. Few can match our skills, thoroughness, and timeliness. We combine sophisticated information gathering methods with investigators trained to quickly “see” the not-so-obvious.
    Pre-Employment Screening

    Missing Persons

    We provide skip-tracing and locate services for many reasons, from simple lost friend locates to tracking down important witnesses and major debtor skips. Our skip-tracing service is performed on a simple flat-fee basis and individual attention is given to every skip assignment.

    We have those unique special sources that are the secret behind our high success rate. Without the right sources in this business… you won’t be in business very long.



    Our Process Servers are available for every type of legal document delivery from simple serves to difficult cases that require a little finesse to successfully complete. 

    We offer immediate service in Virginia, Maryland and DC, 24 hours per day, six days per week.

    Special Process Service


    We make special efforts to remain a leader in investigative matters requiring electronic and computer expertise. Covert cameras, tracking systems, electronic surveillance countermeasures, data recovery, hard drive interrogations.

    Technical Investigations


    INTERPROBE has a reputation for building honest and respectful relationships with clients and industry colleagues.

    Most of the 10,000 individual clients we have served have to remain nameless. However, we invite you to check our reputation with the hundreds of attorneys and corporate clients we currently work with. Some of their numbers are listed on this site.


    Reputation is Everything