General Pre-Employment Background FAQ’s

Q:        Can I run an employee background check on someone who we have already hired? A:        Yes, provided you have the required

General Pre-Employment Background FAQ’s2021-12-30T12:47:29-05:00

Are All Background Checks The Same?

This misconception is common among employers. In fact, it is often perpetrated by vendors of cheap background check services. The goal of

Are All Background Checks The Same?2021-12-27T16:30:02-05:00

Are Applicants Powerless?

Most job applicants believe that they are powerless when it comes to background checks. They think that employers hold all the cards.

Are Applicants Powerless?2021-12-27T16:29:16-05:00

Does A Criminal Record Mean A No Hire?

Both employers and job seekers tend to have this misconception. Most recruiters think that by virtue of having a criminal record, an

Does A Criminal Record Mean A No Hire?2021-12-27T16:28:30-05:00
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