Technical Surveillance Countermeasures – “Debugging”

If you feel you are under technical surveillance, our technical team is fully equipped to perform Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. TSCM is an industry term for searching and identifying electronic eavesdropping devices as well as modifications to allow normal house and business equipment to be used for electronic audio and video surveillance.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures – “Debugging”2021-12-29T16:51:34-05:00

Vehicle Tracking Detection

Are you suspicious that a location tracking, in-vehicle conversation monitoring, or a cellular call interception device have been installed in your vehicle? We can detect, find, and remove such devices.

Vehicle Tracking Detection2021-12-29T16:49:14-05:00

Electronic Location Tracking – Vehicle, Person, Object

Whether it’s a vehicle, a person, or a package we can track it electronically. We lease tracking devices for daily and long-term use as well as use them on our investigations when legal to do so. Please contact our office to discuss your situations and we can have you equipped with a tracker within a few hours.

Electronic Location Tracking – Vehicle, Person, Object2021-12-29T17:21:16-05:00

Device Data Extraction

Cell Forensics - Device Data Extraction Forensics-Level Data Extraction Extracting data and deleted data from devices is a valuable

Device Data Extraction2021-12-29T17:23:22-05:00
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