Witness Background Checks

The importance of a witness’s credibility should not be underestimated. Civil cases are frequently won and lost based largely on witness credibility. Pre-trial conferences and discussions with witnesses don’t reveal everything. Putting a witness on the stand that has not been properly vetted can be a risky.

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Social Intelligence Reports

Social media screening is a heavily relied on deep mining process that scans hundreds of billions of records utilizing Recursive Technology and Latent Semantic Analysis to develop online background and reputation data.

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Business Background Reports

Insight and Intelligence. From Basic Business Background checks to full Business Due Diligence Reports, INTERPROBE performs the essential investigative inquires to eliminate risk prior to closing a deal, investing or partnering with a company.

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Custom Background Reports

If none of the pre-packaged reports above fit the background you have in mind, we invite you to contact our office and request a background report that fits your needs.

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Pre-Packaged Reports

To assist clients in selecting the proper background investigation we have several pre-packaged background reports that are the most frequently requested. All of our pre-packaged reports can be ordered online using the request form.

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