Surveillance & Investigative Equipment

R0BESExERUBMSUtGRkBFRUhHRwWe do not sell investigative or surveillance equipment, but we have many years of experience using and testing consumer-level and professional products.  We have used hundreds of different suppliers and have been able to separate the “junk” equipment and overpriced suppliers from the ones who sell A-rated equipment at very fair prices.

Having a supplier that we can call or email and get a response from every time is also of major importance to us. There are several suppliers that we rate highly and currently work with, but our first stop for equipment is Spy Associates. They have been around for many years (10+) and do a great job of always having the newest and best performing gear. As well as also having some unique and hard-to-get items. They are our Costco for surveillance gear -- there is no need to compare. They always have the best quality, a great price, and solid service.

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