Services Offered


Technical Surveillance
Countermeasures – Debugging

technical1We are fully equipped to perform technical surveillance countermeasures, which is an industry term for searching and identifying electronic eavesdropping devices and modifications. Our sweep technician is experienced from 18 years of providing technical sweep services to individuals for personal reasons, government contractors, Capitol Hill political offices, and numerous law firms.

  • Non-Linear Junction Detectors for locating devices hidden in walls and furniture
  • Spectrum Analyzers for locating and identifying illegitimate signals
  • Broadband R.F. Digital/Analog Detectors for detecting close-proximity signals
  • Audio Bugs, Telephone Taps, Hidden Camera Detection, “Seed” Microphones
  • Cellular Phone Compromises
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices & Hidden In-Vehicle Cellular Monitoring

Vehicle and Personal Tracking Systems

technical3Vehicle, cargo, and personal tracking devices are available to our clients. We only use professional level products. We also offer technical modification on trackers that will increase satellite data reception and greatly improves tracker performance in garages and areas where dense overhead obstructions have an effect on performance.

  • 24/7 Real-Time Location & Position Recording
  • Law Enforcement Grade Equipment
  • 5-Second Position Updates; Critical in Urban Environments
  • GEO Fencing and Entry/Exit Instant Alerts
  • Fast 20 Second Installation
  • Rental Units – We Install or You Install

Video Surveillance

technical4Our core business is surveillance and we produce the best possible video and still images for our clients by having the best possible equipment. Missing an opportunity or being conspicuous due to poor quality or outdated equipment is unacceptable. Second-rate gear is not an option in our business.

  • Digital Covert Body and Ring Cameras
  • 1080p Backlit EXMOR Field Surveillance Cameras; LEICA, 4K, Floating OIS Lens)
  • Pulsar Thermal & FLIR Long-Range GEN III Night Vision
  • Fast Deploy Motion Activated Dice Drop Cameras
  • Arial Video Surveillance Drones (4 mile range, 4K, 65 MPH, 45 minute flight time)
  • Stationary Unmanned Surveillance Vehicles (short/long term drop cars)

Computer & Cellular Interrogations

technical2Informal computer and cellular data recovery and analysis services are provided for non-forensics matters. Our technician provides deleted data recovery and interrogations of personal computers, hard drives, memory cards, and cellular phones for the purpose of extracting information. Information recovered is used to pursue infidelity investigations, child custody matters, and asset investigations.

  • Password Recovery or Removal
  • Format-Level Data Recovery
  • Email and Chat Recovery
  • Search History
  • Web History Recovery
  • Recovered Data Saved on Mass Storage Drives
  • Stored Data Indexed For Easy Searching


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