Technical Services Overview

Our agency is passionate about investigative and surveillance technologies. We seek out and develop new equipment that will give our investigative and surveillance teams a superior edge. Our clients benefit significantly from being with a firm that leads in advanced equipment and modern investigative technologies.

Significant time, research, and resources are spent equipping our firm with the technologies that help resolve cases more discreetly, more effectively, and impressively fast.

Services Offered

INTERPROBE offers surveillance countermeasures (debugging), vehicle and personal tracking systems, video surveillance, as well as computer and cellular investigations.

Each of these services are outlined and detailed for you to better understand.

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Surveillance & Investigative Equipment

We do not sell investigative or surveillance equipment, but we have many years of experience using and testing consumer-level and professional products.

We have used hundreds of different suppliers and have been able to separate the “junk” equipment and overpriced suppliers from the ones who sell A-rated equipment at very fair prices.

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