Unmanned Surveillance

An affordable and effective
alternative to manned surveillance

hidden camera2When manned surveillance is not an option for budget or logistical reasons but surveillance information is still needed, unmanned surveillance can often be the solution. Unmanned surveillance is a very smart choice when video documentation of activities at a particular address or other fixed location is needed. Unmanned surveillance uses stationary platforms that fit the environment to accomplish discreet, effective, and legal video recording. These stationary units are specifically designed to capture video of a specified house, building, or other area, just like traditional manned surveillance, but in a very affordable way. They are designed to perform discreetly for long periods, three to ten days, for a fraction of the cost of manned surveillance. Please see the attached schedule for rates.

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Unmanned Claimant Surveillance

peeking1If you question a claimant’s activity and would like to have a few days or weeks of surveillance performed but do not have the budget for manned surveillance, our unmanned surveillance program may be your best solution. If you feel a claimant is active outside on their property performing lawn care, vehicle repairs, house repairs, etc., but are uncertain as to when. Unmanned surveillance can document these and other activities 24/7 and eliminate the expense of manned surveillance. Unmanned Surveillance is an effective pre-surveillance tool for establishing a claimant’s patterns, comings and goings, and removing the guesswork from scheduling manned surveillance. Unmanned Surveillance will also improve the effectiveness and results of future manned surveillance and significantly reduce the amount of manned surveillance hours required.

When a claimant has been found to be inactive through past manned surveillance, Unmanned Surveillance can remain on stand-by for long periods of time and only activate when there is activity on the claimant’s property. Unmanned Surveillance is an affordable first or last step of any claims investigation requiring surveillance.

At a very minimum, unmanned surveillance will document the comings and goings of the claimant (and others) from their residence. In a best case scenario, it is possible to obtain video of claimants performing activity beyond the limits of their claimed restrictions.

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Requesting Unmanned Surveillance

seewhatyouaremissingSubmit a request by telephone, online form, or use the printed form. The printed form can be scanned and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or faxed to (703) 385-0338. Once the request is received, a check will be made of the address of interest to determine if unmanned surveillance will be effective. Notification will be delivered confirming that the assignment can commence as requested or a report explaining the limited effectiveness. This usually takes 72 hours or less. That’s it. Upon completion of the unmanned surveillance requested, the video results will be processed to dvd(s) and mailed to the client. We also offer several report options to simplify the process of reviewing the results (see below).

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Video and Report Options

Options are available to enhance the unmanned surveillance service and to simplify reviewing the final video report sent to clients at the conclusion of an assignment. Time spent watching irrelevant video has been eliminated utilizing advanced duel-tech motion video detectors programmed to only record when activity is detected on the property under surveillance. This greatly reduces review time and gets right to the action. Options are also available for video reports and summary written reports to improve the management and ease of handling video evidence taken on an assignment:

Video Options

  • video always-on — motions detectors are turned off. Sometimes necessary for night operations as motion detectors can sometimes malfunction in certain night environments.
  • night vision cameras — when information on a case indicates that activity at night needs to be documented, night vision video cameras are available.

Report Options

  • summary dvd — we can review all video taken on an assignment and edit it to only include claimant activity as opposed to all motion-triggered activity on final dvd to sent to client.
  • written report — a written summary report can be prepared, including either all activity captured on video or only the relevant activity. This is especially helpful on longer assignments by highlighting the points of interest and relevancy on the final video.


It is up to the client to determine if unmanned video is legally suitable and video usable in their unique situation. INTERPROBE does not provide legal advice and any information regarding this service is not to be considered legally sound, only information.

Various concealment platforms are used to insure discreet surveillance. All surveillance platforms are placed on public or community property to avoid trespass issues. An investigator licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice Services will process the request for unmanned surveillance and provide the completed video results. Accordingly, the investigator is qualified and will be available to testify to all video obtained.

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