Personal Security Surveillance

being watchedINTERPROBE provides Personal Security Surveillance and Surveillance Countermeasures for situations where a client suspects that they are being targeted and under surveillance. Whether related to a harassment campaign, stalking, a law suit, or a personal matter, our surveillance teams frequently engage in assignments to discreetly identify those individuals working against our clients.


For harassment and counter-surveillance cases, we provide  complete service:  1.) developing a successful strategy 2). using “seeding” and "baiting" techniques to surface suspect(s); 3.) positively identifying suspect(s); and 4.) investigative research to link reveal all individuals involved. We can coordinate our efforts with law enforcement or work completely private at the client’s discretion. Our surveillance team will be available to testify, as needed.

In cases where enhanced security is needed, we perform surveillance of individuals and property and coordinate our efforts with local law enforcement and private security officers to provide the ultimate protection.

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