Insurance Surveillance

Attorneys and insurance companies return for surveillance services year-after-year because the investigators on our team continually provide the video that assist in evaluating claims. This is because our investigators make each and every surveillance hour count through proper planning, execution and objective and accurate reporting. Getting stuck in a non-productive surveillance routine is avoided by a constant reassessing and schedule adjusting based on weather patterns, lack of activity, and intuitive analyzing of observations of a claimant and his activities. Being aware of situations that indicate when surveillance is going to be unproductive or very productive and changing the schedule to maximize the budget.

A surveillance program that has proven successful:


  • Chart the claimant’s neighborhood
  • Overhead images
  • Identify discreet and effective observation positions
  • Identify modes of transportation and vehicles driven by the claimant
  • Spot-checks of the claimant’s residence to note inconsistencies
  • Make ethical and authorized non-alerting inquiries to determine productive surveillance times
  • Social Media Profiling to surface information leads


  • Choose specialized vehicles for each individual case
  • Select appropriate investigators for the environment
  • Utilize HD video cameras altered specifically for surveillance work
  • Employ remote-observation cameras, concealed cameras, and night-vision lenses as needed
  • Schedule surveillance accordingly or strictly to the client’s requests


  • Issue a summary surveillance report detailing relevant observations
  • Deliver a corresponding DVD of the claimant’s activities (documenting the investigator’s arrival and departure times)
  • Provide still images depicting highlights from the surveillance video
  • Recommend methods to continue the investigation, if needed
  • Consult with representatives, attorneys, and provide experienced testimony

closer lookOur services are performed by licensed, experienced, and career investigators. Most investigators on the surveillance team have been working at INTERPROBE for more than 10 years. Our surveillance team is equipped with the vehicles and equipment to produce the best quality video in the most discreet manner possible. Being located just outside Washington, DC has afforded us the unique opportunity to work the most difficult forms of surveillance. From city to extremely rural environments and in highly secure and aware areas, our investigators can adapt to most environments and preserve discretion.

If you question the competence of your surveillance provider, contact us and benefit from experience and a team that is passionate about validating or invalidating questionable insurance claims.

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