Infidelity Surveillance

INTERPROBE handles Domestic Surveillance with a serious approach. When a commitment is broken or relationship put at risk through infidelity, our lives are suddenly shattered and our emotions paralyzed. Whether disloyalty occurs in a marriage or an exclusive relationship, the effects are equally devastating. This type of unfaithfulness is an unfortunate reality that can be seen at every level in society and places each of us in a vulnerable position both emotionally and financially.

There is usually only one opportunity to document sensitive evidence of this type. This makes selecting a professional surveillance service a crucial decision. INTERPROBE's dedication to providing expert surveillance, combined with strategies based on experience, helps our investigators secure results quickly, which means more economically.

Domestic cases require a special kind of attention. Often private agencies take on a heavier case load that is unrealistic. We ensure each domestic case and client receives the correct attention by limiting the number of active cases to a very specific, limited amount.

We have excellent professional relationships with many family attorneys in Northern Virginia. A large number of our assignments start as direct attorney referrals. This level of trust can only develop from many years of successful cases. Attorneys are confident recommending our firm knowing that their clients will be getting expert, affordable investigative services from an agency dedicated to thorough and fast results.

Need an attorney referral? We keep an updated "hotlist" of domestic Virginia attorneys that we have found to be reputable, not over priced, and have repeated superb legal performance. We add and remove attorneys (32 names as of 12/2016) based on our interactions with them and comments from clients after their cases have been concluded. Our list includes various personalities to fit each case, from easy going negotiators to aggressive litigators.


After an initial telephone consultation, clients are welcome to set-up a Domestic Investigation in-person by making an appointment to visit our office or to do everything by telephone, fax, and email. Most clients prefer to set-up cases electronically to save time and to avoid traffic and costs.  All telephone consultations are done free of charge and in-office consultation are on an hourly rate basis. All relevant information is received from the client and a case file is opened.


sneakingINTERPROBE treats each case individually by starting with a good conversation. After a mutual understanding on objectives and strategy, investigators, specialized equipment, and surveillance vehicles are assigned accordingly based on the unique circumstances of each case. An initial surveillance strategy is developed with the client’s participation and knowledge of past patterns, work schedules, suspicions and gut instinct. The intent is to set a game plan for developing the evidence or information needed in the most efficient manner possible. Being productive on each surveillance conducted is the goal.  After a phase of surveillance is performed, we reassess with the client and decide on the next logical move and adjust the strategy as necessary.


Once the evidence or information has been documented, the investigation is placed on hold. At this point, the INTERPROBE investigators will consult with the client’s attorney (if one) or the client about the findings. INTERPROBE investigators are not attorneys and will not provide legal advice. However, INTERPROBE agents have spent thousands of hours testifying and consulting with attorneys on domestic cases and can offer good personal opinions.


Once the investigation has been concluded, a report package can be requested (in writing) which includes a formal, court-ready written report that details relevant observations and information developed. A final Surveillance Video DVD is included in each package that is compiled from our standard 1080p HD surveillance cameras, night vision cameras, and footage from covert and unmanned cameras.  Every report package is notarized.


Often Domestic Investigations are performed to validate or invalidate suspicions and do not require legal presentation or testimony. When concluded those case files are encrypted and sealed forever, or destroyed if preferred by the client.  In other instances, clients may use the results as a tool to save their relationships or as pressure to negotiate a better outcome in a divorce situation. In cases where the information is to be used as evidence, INTERPROBE investigators will be available to testify and present the findings in court.

After 25 years and more than ten-thousand cases, we have encountered many challening situations and responed by developing an effective strategy for each one. We never give up and we can do this for you too. We invite you to call or email and give us a summary of your situation. We are happy to answer just a few quick questions about the investigative process and costs or discuss strategy regarding your case. Either way, we will provide you with a little direction and there is no charge.

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