Surveillance Overview

We provide discreet surveillance daily on personal matters, insurance claims, corporate matters, property security, and for unique intelligence gathering assignments. We have been doing this for 33 years and are commited to providing clients with quality results very quickly. Surveillance assignments are constantly evolving and we have developed the stratgic agility to adapt to changing environments and situations without the need to stop and reassess. We "move" and adjust with the assignment as necessary. 

We are proud to be partnered with other investigative agencies, locally and nationally, who rely on us when they need surveillance...done well.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to manned and mobile surveillance. We can offer a well-trained, experienced, and seriously equipped surveillance team at a very affordable rate.We are available for short, one-person assignments and surveillance involving multiple operators and technologies. Our surveillance operativs successfully perform complex assignments others wont attempt.

Infidelity Surveillance

INTERPROBE handles Domestic Surveillance with a serious approach.

When a commitment is broken or relationship put at risk through infidelity, our lives are suddenly shattered and our emotions paralyzed. Whether disloyalty occurs in a marriage or an exclusive relationship, the effects are equally devastating. We take this seriously.

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Child Custody

Are you preparing to go though a child custody dispute or considering a modification to an existing custody agreement?

Are you being threatened about losing custody? If so, you have likely been made aware that evidence produced through surveillance is frequently the key factor influencing a judge’s decision.

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Insurance Surveillance

INTERPROBE’s professional investigators offer you an opportunity to identify and handle fabricated or exaggerated insurance claims.

If you suspect that a claimant is being deceptive about an insurance matter, we can activate surveillance within 24 hours.

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Property Security Surveillance

INTERPROBE provides Property Security Surveillance for private property and commercial property.

We do not provide guards. Our surveillance teams conduct discreet surveillance operations using physical and electronics methods at specified times to document violations of restraining orders, unauthorized entry onto property, cases of vandalism or destruction of property, violations of employees, theft, etc.

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Personal Security Surveillance

INTERPROBE provides Personal Security Surveillance and Surveillance Countermeasures for situations involving stalking, harrassment, and when clients suspect that they are being targeted and under surveillance.

Whether related to a harassment campaign, stalking, a law suit, or a personal matter, our surveillance teams frequently engage in assignments to discreetly identify those individuals working against our clients.

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Unmanned Surveillance

When manned surveillance is not an option for budget or logistical reasons but surveillance information is still needed, unmanned surveillance can often be the solution.

Unmanned surveillance is a very smart choice when video documentation of activities at a particular address or other fixed location is needed. Unmanned surveillance uses stationary platforms that fit the environment to accomplish discreet, effective, and legal video recording.

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Aerial Surveillance (Aerial Video Scouts)

There are instances when standard ground surveillance will be inaffective.

In situations where ground access, obstructions, and other conditions prevent investigators from seeing and documenting important observations on video, we can use unmanned aerial surveillance cameras, or Aerial Video Scouts.

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Now Hiring (surveillance operative)

INTERPROBE, INC., is searching for qualified individuals interested in joining our surveillance team for part-time work, possibly leading to full-time work.

Duties will primarily include surveillance for insurance, domestic, and corporate situations.

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Remote Mobile Office

INTERPROBE is the only private investigation agency in the Metro Washington, DC area with a remote mobile office and case coordination center.

It provides investigators with convenient and discreet accommodation closer to target areas for recovering when operating in the field for long periods of time.

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