Pre-Employment Screening Overview

INTERPROBE’s employee background screening (Pre-Employment Reports) are conducted so that objective and informed decisions may be made by those responsible for hiring. Job applications, resumes, and interviews offer only a limited and biased amount of information on a prospective employee. Can you be sure the applicants are all they appear to be? What are they leaving out? Don’t rely on “gut instinct;” rely on facts.  Resume’ exaggeration and non-disclosure of serious records is becoming more common and employee background screening is essential. We offer clients various levels of background checks; from a one jurisdiction criminal check to full executive profiles. Our Pre-Employment Reports are accurate, low cost, and something you can rely on. We do not provide unreliable “Internet Checks.”

Our reports are offered for an affordable, flat-fee. Each request is handled by a professional investigator focused on accuracy and thoroughness. They are not automated or Internet-based background checks which generally result in numerous false positives and false negatives and have many hidden “information holes.” Consequently, these types of reports are typically followed by a bullet-proof disclaimer which, in general terms, states that none of the information in the report should be trusted. You can always find a cheap source for screening research, but this is generally at the cost of sacrificing accuracy and results. The bottom line…if you are going to pay for a background investigation, it should be something that can be relied on.

INTERPROBE clients receive professionally produced and documented background reports which is usually delivered within 24-72 hours.

Positions and responsibilities require different levels of background screening. To simplify choosing a package for your employee(s), we have listed our most frequently requested screening products below.

Criminal Record Checks

INTERPROBE offers local, Metro area, and local criminal history checks.

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Full Pre-Employment Reports

Click the link below to see what INTERPROBE's silver, gold, and platinum report packages can offer you.

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