Enhanced Individual Profile Report

These reports are considered by professional investigators to be the most comprehensive, one-stop source for developing large amounts of information on a subject very quickly. In particular, when little is known about a subject and when there is a limited budget on a case. The technique used for these reports is a shotgun, wide-sweeping approach that draws from a combination of automated public records and automated proprietary record sources. Using the information and the leads generated through this process, an investigator initiates focused civil and criminal research. The research targets specific geographic areas where the subject has resided or has links to. The intent is to provide definitive civil and criminal results. The hands-on investigation and research is performed by an investigator licensed with the Department of Criminal Justice Services and certified by INTERPROBE to perform Due Diligence Investigations, Corporate Background Research, Personal Background Investigations, and Pre-Employment Screening under License No. 11-1223.

All of the information developed on the subject is then assimilated into one final report. This report will generally either answer your questions or provide a solid basis to proceed with further investigation.

If you are considering an “Internet” type background on someone, don’t. You would be wise to Google a little to find the disappointing reviews written by others, and then consider that for just a little more money you can have an actual quality background done by a licensed investigator. A report you can rely on as opposed to bringing more questions and confusion. Please review the items below to see if an Enhanced Individual Profile Report is right for you. A name and an address is usually all that we require to start.

  • Name & Vitals Verification
  • Alias Names Used
  • Verified SSN and DOB
  • Alternate SSN’s Used
  • Alternate DOB’s Used
  • Most Recent Reported Address
  • 20-Year Address History
  • Reported Telephone Numbers (Cell & Landline)
  • Real Estate Owned & Previously Owned
  • National Criminal Index Sweep
  • National Sexual Offenses
  • Driver’s Licenses (where available)
  • Concealed Weapons Permits (where available)
  • Employers & Corporate Registrations
  • Professional Licenses
  • Airplanes Registered
  • Watercraft Registered
  • Voter Registration
  • Hunting/Fishing Permits
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens & Judgments
  • UCC Filings
  • Relatives Names & Ages (2 of degrees separation)
  • Current & Former Neighbors Information
  • 5-Year Criminal History
    (state and/or county-level; arrests & convictions; misdemeanors & felonies)
  • 5-Year Civil History
    (state and/or county-level; lower & upper level courts; plaintiff & defendants)
  • Federal Criminal Records Check
  • Federal Civil Records Check

Cost:  $190.00
Completion Time:  24 Hours