Skip-Tracing - Debtor Locates

We provide skip-tracing and locate services for many reasons, from simple lost friend locates to tracking down important witnesses and major debtor skips.

Our skip-tracing service is performed on a simple flat-fee basis and Individual attention is given to every skip assignment.  We are accustomed to working with little information.

Modern skip-tracing to track down debtors, witnesses, and defendants is an intuitive skill requiring creative thinking and finesse. Today’s debtor skips and others trying to hide understand how the systems work and are more careful and clever than even just a few years ago. So are we. INTERPROBE’s skip-tracers remain ahead of this curve and highly successful in locating skip’s through skillful and intelligent use of available tools and private sources. Our skip-trace investigators are flexible thinkers and use varying approaches to exploit every lead to a final conclusion. This is the difference that sets us apart from Internet-based “find anyone now” search services. We are not a data source. We provide verified addresses and we ended 2012 with a 92% in successful locates.


  • Debtors
  • Witnesses
  • Lost Friends
  • Judgment Satisfaction
  • Rental Skips
  • Heirs
  • Adoption
  • Casual Acquaintances


  • Verified Locates
  • U.S.P.S. Sources
  • Utility Sources
  • 50-State DMV
  • Cellular Sources
  • Financial Sources
  • International Resources
  • Deadbeat Data Sources

For standard skip-tracing assignments please use the Standard Skip-Tracing (click here).  For more involved skip-tracing and missing person’s, please contact our office to discuss your situations and the best approach.

Standard Skip-Trace Service

If you would like to get started, you can request our Standard Skip-Trace now using the Request Form.  Our Standard Skip-Trace is for someone missing, but not hiding (from law enforcement for example). The fee for this skip-trace is $120.00.  This flat-fee will usually get the job done.  It usually takes 1-10 to complete. The Standard Skip-Trace Service is less complex and involved in comparison to the other types of locate investigations we do.  However, it is practical and the most economical way to locate someone who is not hiding, not being too evasive, not on the "run," and somewhat stable.

After you submit the basic information you have on the person, we develop or verify their Social Security Number and date of birth. The information is then submitted to our very unique sources. Within 72 hours, we receive responses from our sources which include the current address on file for the individual in question. We then take a day or two to verify the address. The sources used for each case are selected based on our initial research of the person, the background knowledge of the assignment, and the particulars of the person being located.  For debtors or unstable individuals, it takes out-of-the-box-thinking and a little finesse for success. Overused and outdated information sources such Internet Locate Services, DMV, credit bureaus, etc., are not reliable in these cases.  Debtors have become savvy over the years. We cannot guarantee that our efforts will be successful; but they usually are and it is the most effective and affordable means to locate someone in the situations you described below.

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