Witness Background Checks

Opposing Witness Checks

Similarly, checking the background of key witnesses for the opposing party is equally critical and can be a game changer in negotiations prior to trial and is an excellent resource for preparing cross-examination. Revealing negative background information about a significant witness can put into question the witness’s credibility and character will change the direction of a case.

Expert Witness Checks

Expert witnesses often are the most critical witnesses in a lawsuit.  A good expert witness retained early in the litigation can help a litigator navigate the evidentiary landscape of a case from the inception of the case to the closing argument.  Furthermore, at trial, juries provide substantial weight to the testimony that an expert provides to them.  The gravitas that “experts” carry with them into the courtroom should not be underestimated, and prudent litigators ensure that all experts, even their own, are worthy of that gravitas by properly vetting and selecting experts well in advance of trial.

Instead of using your firm’s valuable resources to do research, we can provide you with witness facts to help you develop a winning strategy.

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