Background Investigations Overview

We provide accurate background investigations based on hard facts. We do this through access to restricted private information sources and direct access with county, state, and national records. Each background is processed by a licensed and experienced Background Investigator. We do not provide automated, “Internet Checks.” These reports generally contain inaccurate and incomplete data from unreliable databases. We do not hide behind disclaimers; we provide reliable and accurate reports which we stand behind.

icon infoINTERPROBE provides reports with real findings that can be relied on to make real decisions instead of generating more questions.

Background investigation means something different to everyone. A certain piece of background information considered to be of great importance to one person may be valueless to another. To assist clients in selecting the proper background investigation we have several pre-packaged background reports that are the most frequently requested. Each of the following reports is comprised of various individual checks based on the report objectives. Any of these pre-packaged reports can be ordered online using the request form. Once the request has been received in our office, a case file will be opened and clients are contacted by email for “fine-tuning.”

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